Test creation and management

Various types of tasks

multiple choice / hotspot / text entry / extended text / order interaction / match interaction (matrix) / Upload / hottext / inline choice / numercial input (text entry) / calculation interaction (text entry) / formula interaction (text entry) / regular expression (text entry) / programming interaction

Individual formatting in the comfortable WYSISYG HTML editor

Support of image, audio, and video files and formula creation

Unlimited repetitions enabled through random selection and use of variables

Individual assessment and feedback options

Question bank including rights management for co-authors

Metadata indexing to search for and retrieve test questions

Sustainable test generation in the IMS QTI format

Test implementation

Random order of questions and answers

Answer-based feedback for exercises and self-tests

Export of tests as PDF and IMS QTI

Test publication under your URL

Embedding of your desired logo and layout

e-testing in a protected environment

Test evaluation

Anonymised evaluation of tests

Statistical evaluation of tests

Export of test results to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file

Personalised participant results and reassessment

Comprehensive data archiving (data can be saved in XLS, PDF, and HTML format)

Additional functions

Personal user account for participants

Participant-related release of tests and exams

Trace the performance development of each participant

Automatic certificate generation in your design

Provide accompanying materials

Communication via email, forum, online meeting, etc.

Design multifaceted e-learning scenarios


User accounts

Additional user accounts are bookable on request

Test attempts (per year)

Additional test attempts are bookable on request

Storage space

Additional storage space is bookable on request

Operation, monitoring, maintenance, updates

Backup of the last 7 days

Login form for your website (one-time fee of 100 EUR)

Setup of your desired URL (one-time fee of 500 EUR)

Adaptation to your corporate design (costs are charged according to expenditure)

1 hour online training included

Individual trainings


Minimum contract duration

20% discount for public and non-profit organisations








1 year

669€ p.a.



59,00 € / 50 users


50GB / 50 users




1 year

2.299€ p.a.